Sunday, November 4, 2012


Now for the pretty pictures.  Well, a little less pretty now we're used to high definition gaming, but what they lack in pixels they make up for in gameplay.  Plus they're fun.  I like the dry wit present in many of these games.  Tasty.


Also relatively painless to install:
apt-get install scummvm

But sound can be an issue if you're using HDMI.  If I haven't mentioned it before (sorry) you should force your Pi to use HDMI for sound if you can (ie aren't using a composite screen / analogue sound out).  To do so open the config.txt file located in the boot folder.  You will need to be a super user to save it, and so the easiest way is to open it in terminal:
sudo leafpad /boot/config.txt
or, if you've shelled in like I taught you a couple of posts back you will (for now) need to use a command-line text editor:
sudo nano /boot/config.txt
And 'uncomment' the line:
Easy, peasy, just remove the hash - #.
Then save the file and reboot.  Sound sorted.  Remember to change it back if you want to go back to using the sound out port.

Now you are ready to open up ScummVM (in your Games folder in the Programs menu - press the Windows Key, or click the square in the bottom left corner, go up to the Games folder, and go from there).  You should see the bright yellow ScummVM screen.  Click the 'Options' button and tick the checkbox for fullscreen mode.

Now to add the games (ScummVM, like Gargoyle, is just the engine used to open and play games).  If you've used ScummVM before then you're set.  This is the same no matter whether you're using Windows, Linux, Mac, or some unholy hybrid.  If you already own the game you can just copy the files across from your CD or floppy to your hard disk. Click 'Add Game,' from within ScummVM, select the game file, and add it and you're ready to go.    Detailed instructions on buying the games legally can be found on the official ScummVM website.  You can grab Beneath a Steel Sky free from the repositories:
apt-get install beneath-a-steel-sky
And it will either open directly, or you can add it to ScummVM.  It is in "/usr/games/sky".

 Now for the final step - stay up all night reliving (or creating) awesome childhood memories.   And remember...

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