Saturday, October 27, 2012

First Step: Changing the Default Password

Okay guys, I think this is probably the most important first step you can do on the Pi, so sorry for the delayed how-to.  Hope it's useful - all the info is from the site.  There's some pretty good tips there on setting up your Pi, but changing your password should be easy.  Just open the terminal program and type:
sudo passwd
You'll be prompted for your original password (raspbian if you're running Raspbian as your OS).  Then you'll be asked for your new password - make sure it's something you'll remember.  Enter it once more.  You're done.  Your Raspberry Pi is now a lot more secure - and you only had to type five words.


  1. It would be a killer tutorial if you write how to update the kernel on the Rasbian image found on Raspberry Pi Org homepage.
    This is sometimes needed if you want to find more drivers available.

    And then if you could write a nother post on how to get and buidl the V4L drivers on the Rasbian... If you could do that, I would be extremly happy!

    Yours sencerly

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